This is Forty:8th



We have always believed that barbering is art...we just paint a little bit different. We wanted to bring the art and culture of proper barbering to our clients in a manner that was personal. The Forty:8th & Tailored Barber Suite was created, not because we couldn't get a larger shop, but because You didn't need one. Instead of being another shop in the neighborhood, we carefully constructed our brand with minimalism and service as the focal points.

The espresso, the hot towels, the whiskey, are all about saying welcome and thank you to our clients. They are part of an invitation to stay a while so we can get to know who you really are.


Forty:8th is the progeny of a charitable mission that we launched last year (THE GROOM PROJECT). To expand that mission we bought an RV in order to outfit it as a mobile barbershop to cut hair for those in need. In the midst of trying to figure out how to brand and operate our mission while working for someone else we came to the realization that the only way to do everything we wanted was to step out on faith and build our own brand.


We now have more that a barbershop, we have a social enterprise where we can generate revenue to fund our missions.


Every bit of Forty:8th & Tailored has been conscientiously curated to inspire.  Every product selected, every service offered, every post and photo that we launch into the universe is just a piece of a story. It is a story being written to inspire You and Us to go beyond those useless meetings, and 5 o'clock rush hour, and 9 to 5 existing, and have the courage to live.

Many don't get it... Thats fine, You just won't get it.