A Brand That Tears Down Walls


We build too many walls and not enough bridges. - Isaac Newton

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I loved to build forts. I built them out of couch cushions and sheets and only a select few, if any, were allowed into my sanctuary.

Ah good times. Good times.

Unfortunately as adults we are still building forts.

So often in life we build up walls of exclusivity around ourselves or our groups so we can keep people that don't fit our mold out of our “clubs.” This happens in all areas of our culture; in our schools, in our barbershops, and especially in our churches. Instead of inviting people in and building with them, we keep ourselves isolated from them and their unfamiliar ideas. We refuse to share with them the faith that we have found, and we are afraid to allow them to share with us.

We want to be the brand that tears down walls.

It’s no secret that we at Forty:8th are Christ followers. But in our shop our culture is based in giving. So whether Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, conservative, liberal, or just figuring it out, you can be part of our little society. All you gotta do is give.

Basically, our goal is to slap you in the face with acceptance.

We created Forty:8th & Tailored with the intent to be a brand that impacts. We want to remove the barriers that separate society into denominations and replace them with tolerance and love.

Now make no mistake, our shop isn’t all hugs and rainbows. It’s more trash talk and whiskey to be frank. But everyone is welcome to join in for a beverage and a round of shooting the $hi+.

We are committing to You to be a shop that will always be a place where all cultures, religions, lifestyles and statuses will be welcomed and treated with respect.

And if we ever fall short of that commitment We expect you to call us out on it.

Follow along with those giving in our communities at Forty:8 Life at http://www.forty8thandtailored.com.

“Consider letting go of the barriers between yourself and others, let go of the definition our culture has inflicted upon us and allow the best part of ourselves to connect with the wondrous parts of others. Allow yourself to connect in a deeper and more profound way.” ― David W. Earle