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Do great hair, change the world, and teach others to do both.

Dillinger's is a men's grooming studio where barbering and hairstyling are seamlessly connected. Crafted in minimalism, Dillinger's is designed to deliver an elite, yet authentic grooming experience. 

At Dillinger’s we asked: How might we create an exceptional grooming experience for our guests while doing some good in the world at the same time?

First, we designed the brand with a minimalist theme in mind. You deal with enough noise and clutter just by living and working in New York. So rather than add to the clamor with a large barbershop/salon, we decided to mute it. Our studio space only seats 2 guests at a time. So you can rest assured that you can enjoy your service without all the racket present in other places.

The next thing we eliminated was the wait time. You are busy. And even if you weren’t, why would you want to spend your whole day in the cattle call that is the local barbershop. At Dillinger’s we book 100% by appointment. Using a system called Glossgenius.com, you can simply go to your preferred barber/stylist’s booking site and choose the time and date that you want to come in. No waiting all day. No settling for the next available barber. Simply book and show up. You can even pay through the site if you forget your wallet.

Next we looked at the possibility of how to do some good with our craft. By offering premium services and products, we have the resources to respond to some of society’s most pressing needs. From disaster relief, to homelessness, to sponsoring children in poverty, philanthropy is woven into the Dillinger’s DNA. Dillinger's is about looking good and feeling good, while living good and doing good. Every Haircut. Every Shave. Every Product Sold is Designed to Impact Someone, Somewhere, Somehow.

Dillinger’s is not for everyone. If you like to wait, its not for you. If you like big, busy establishments, its not for you. And if a haircut is just shorter hair or a chore you do once a month, its not for you. But if you enjoy exceptional service, great hair, and maybe the occasional beer or espresso, all while doing a bit of good…

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What's in a name?

The name Dillinger automatically evokes the image the Roaring 20's & prohibition era. It was a time when men dressed like they had somewhere to be, drank cocktails and played cards in backroom "juice joints." Even the bootleggers were groomed to the nines.

Haircuts and Hot Shaves. Waistcoats and Whiskey. 

But this particular name (besides appropriately summing of the back-room speakeasy feel of this shop) is to pay homage to my best friend, my brother really, Dwaine Reid.   Dwaine passed away in an accident in 2002 as we were riding our motorcycles around the neighborhood that we grew up in. When he was a toddler, his grandmother dubbed him with the name Dillinger on account of all the mischief he got into. The name stuck and became his first tattoo; and ultimately one of mine after he passed.

It now lives on in the barbershop. 


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Christopher Matthew


Random Facts:

  • Purpose Junkie.

  • I’m generally bearded, perpetually tatted (My wife hates both).

  • I want to give it all away.

  • I love Jesus.

  • I secretly want to be an R & B singer.

  • Married (hence the wife reference above).

  • 1 Kid. (Emery Grace). She's a peach and one of the reasons for starting Dillinger's.

  • I started a giving initiative called G.R.O.O.M (Giving Remains Our Only Mission) G.R.O.O.M aims to partner with shelters to provide haircuts and other services for those in need.

Bragging Rights:

  • Licensed Master Barber

  • Notable Former/Current Clients: Tobias Harris, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, The Rock, Alonzo Mourning, Keyon Dooling, Amar’e Stoudemire, Fabolous, Paul Cain, Loon, Lennox Lewis, Grupo Optimo and countless brothers, cousins, chefs, and entourages of “important” people (Sarcasm added)

  • NY State Licensed Attorney

  • Former NYS Assistant Attorney General

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker

  • Canon's Rebel With A Cause

  • Delta & American Express Gift Back Project Winner


Jesse Tuozzo





  • Superb! As a person of real particular taste and expectation when it comes to haircuts, I must say I was pleasantly surprised with my first visit as to the knowledge and passion put foward, it is evident in the skill and the results speak for themselves. Couldnt be more satisfied.
    — Sandeep
    • I felt the service was top notch. The attention was detail was really appreciated. My wife said my beard has never looked better.
      — Chris V.
      • I can only think of one word to describe my experience... FLAWLESS!
        — Regi E.
        • Best Barber on Long Island Hands Down. Chris offers a very high class barber experience. You are offered espresso, beer, whiskey or water upon arrival. It is a very private space with only one chair so there is no waiting. He takes his time with his cuts/shaves and is very detail oriented so you receive an outstanding cut.
          — Jason B.
          • Chris is a master of his craft. I never write reviews, but after my experience, I feel as though I need to spread the love. After walking in early in the morning, chris introduced himself and made me feel comfortable and welcomed. He began by cutting the top of my head, which to this day, not one barber or salon stylist have ever done correctly. Regardless, chris pulled it off with perfection, every cut was calculated and precise. After the top was done, he literally gave me the meanest fade I have ever gotten to date, when I tell you this fade is crispy af, I mean it. All in all, I look forward to my next experience with chris and look to become a repeat customer. If anyone is looking for the best barber in nassau, look no further.
            — Chris D.
          • Great cuts. clean facility. 1 on 1 attention. Attention to detail... what more do you need from your barber?
            — Hank C.
          • Great cut. Great cut and great atmosphere. Best barber shop I've been to in a while. Has a great concept!!!
            — Mike R.
          • Great Experience! Chris is a pro, knows what he is doing. Highly recommend him.
            — Zubair F.
          • Been to a ton of places on LI over the past few years. A lot of good, but there's really no comparison to Chris. Cleanest cut and awesome ambiance in the shop. Whiskey and espresso available if you're into making your cuts an experience.
            — Kevin K.
          • Great! Since they opened I have not got a haircut anywhere else. Chris does a great job and has given me some good pointers on how to style my hair.
            — Michael M.
          • Great relaxing experience. Great Haircuts. Really puts his time and effort into your haircut/experience. Great Guy. Highly Recommended
            — Joe H.
          • Phenomenal service, great cut! Check him out. Amazing experience, definitely found my new barber. Great cut and a truly relaxing time with the shave.
            — Gregory M.
          • Everything I'm looking for in a barber! Great guy with a skill in his craft and amazing chair side manner. Meaningful conversations while receieving a crisp cut. If your not happy with your current style, or just looking for a change, totally worth giving this place a try
            — Frank M.

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