Forget Hair Loss. Go Bold.

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) can change your appearance in just a few hours. Using a method of pointillism, your artist will deposit tiny follicle-size pigments that imitate actual hair follicles. Through this procedure we can create stronger hairlines and the appearance of thicker hair. With 2-3 sessions, you can completely eliminate pattern baldness or a receding hairline.

So natural it is unreal.

SMP is the only procedure that guarantees results. Hair transplants are invasive and success varies tremendously.  SMP can repair failed transplants and mask transplant or surgical scars. It is non-invasive, requires little to no upkeep, and is a successful alternative to hair loss for men and women. 

What Can SMP Treat? 

  • Male Pattern Baldness

  • Alopecia

  • Receding Hairlines

  • Thinning Hair & Hair loss

  • Surgical & Transplant Scars

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Trained By The Best

It is important to be weary of who performs your procedure as not all SMP is created equal. Unfortunately, many practitioners have had little to no training and little to no experience, often taking one or two day classes, or online tutorials to learn SMP. Many courses practice solely on melons and bananas, not live models. Before you choose a practitioner, do your research.

Christopher Matthew was trained at Scalp Micro USA and has experience with various hair and skin types. Scalp Micro USA has the most intensive hands on training course in the States. Founder Matthew Iulo was recognized as the best SMP artist in the world and he is one of the best trainers in the industry. 


Is it a tattoo?

SMP is essentially a medical hair tattoo with a few differences from traditional tattoos. First, the ink only enters the epidermis layer of the skin. Traditional tattoos deposit ink much deeper. The needles are also much smaller than a traditional tattoo needle. Last, the ink is an advanced, carbon based ink, so it will never discolor.

How long does it last?

While the pigment can last up to 10 years, it needs to be touched up every 3-5 years to keep it looking fresh.

How many sessions do I need?

Most people require 3 sessions. The pigment will fade after the procedure heals. Further, the body will naturally try to reject some of the pigment, just as it does to a tattoo. By doing the work over multiple sessions we can control the placement of our follicles and ensure that the proper amount of pigment is retained. Also, multiple sessions allows for a 3-dimensional layered look.

Will my hair grow back?

Unfortunately not. At least without divine intervention. SMP is designed to give the appearance of a full head of shaved hair. It does not stimulate growth or transplant hair.

Does it hurt?

It doesn’t tickle. But the level of discomfort is minimal. The needle doesn’t go as deep as a traditional tattoo, nor is there any shading involved. Clients are generally able to sit for 2 hour sessions without any trouble.

How long will I be out of commission?

There is no down time with SMP. You can go about your day right after. Redness may occur and stay for 24-48 hours, but that’s about it.

Any Side Effects?

Not generally. Aside from a day or two of redness, there are not really any side effects. Some people experience a bit of itchiness as the procedure heals but that’s about it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the area of loss, the procedure will cost between $1900-$5000. Most people spend around $2500 on average.

Is it permanent? Can it be removed?

It is considered permanent but it will fade over time. The good news is, if you want to keep it fresh, a short touch up will do it. And if you decide that you don’t want to touch it up, it will just fade away. No discoloration.